Surviving a snow day

DSCN2224Sometimes when people are thrown off their schedules (such as getting stuck in your home because of the weather!) it puts them at risk for chaotic eating. There is no problem with chaotic eating once in awhile! but I have found that some people are NOT ok with this and they feel bad about eating randomly. If this is you, then it may help to plan ahead. Think about the day ahead and what you want to accomplish (or not!) and be sure to plan to have regular meals. This may mean running to the grocery store the day before a storm just like everyone else!! But if you have healthy foods in your home when you are stuck there, it helps. Of course if you are ok with snacking all day and NOT making a meal, well that works for some too! You know yourself best….in the mean time, enjoy the scenery! (PS I love to make soup on snow days!!)

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