Question: are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried every diet there is only to lose and regain the same weight time and time again? Does your day start out “good” and end up “bad”? Do you count calories? Are there foods that you avoid like the plague……but then you end up overeating those same foods anyway? Do you often feel like just “giving up”?

Or, have you struggled with an eating disorder, and working to have a healthier relationship to food and eating?

If you have children, do you worry about their weight? Has your pediatrician mentioned concern about your child’s weight or “BMI”?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, maybe I can help.  I am a registered dietitian who believes in promoting health and educating people on how their brains and bodies work when it comes to appetite and healthy weight.  I am passionate about preventing eating issues in children, and helping parents do the right thing when it comes to feeding their kids. I firmly believe that everyone is unique and if you treat everyone with a blanket “diet plan” or approach to eating, you are bound to fail…..eventually.

Instead, wouldn’t it be interesting to try a different way?  What do you have to lose? You (and your family) are unique and you DESERVE to be treated that way! I hope you take the step, a leap of faith, and start this journey. The journey toward researching and identifying the ways to make you the healthiest and happiest you can be when it comes to eating, your weight, your body, your health and finding peace. That is my goal for you.

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